About Us


PacifiersNrollers (PNR) the Brand


Pacifiersnrollers (PNR) began with a new mom, who decided to place fear aside and begin her journey as an influencer. After giving birth to my son, I gained a new level of confidence and fearlessness. I gained the self-assurance to pursue a business idea I had been pondering about for years. I took the first step and created my Instagram page PacifiersnRollers. My Instagram page @pacifiersnrollers began with a focus on natural hair care and my experiences as a new mom. You might think being a new mom, a full-time employee, wife and new homeowner wasn’t enough on my plate, I had also just embarked on a journey to becoming a business owner. 

A year after launching Pacifiersnrollers, I expanded into PNRtheBrand. As moms and women, we get caught up in the hustle of everyday life and sometimes forget to pamper ourselves. We all deserve those luxurious touches that accentuate our natural beauty.  As a brand, we are all about women empowerment. We strive to remind women everyday not to let life get in the way and stop them from dressing up, stepping out, and making the necessary time for themselves. We sweat the small stuff, so that they don’t have to.  PNRtheBrand brings women a place where they can find unique jewelry, fashion headbands, and other accessories at a reasonable price. 

Women deserve to treat themselves and feel beautiful, PNRtheBrand allows them to do just that, indulging their deepest desires affordably. PNRtheBrand is a jewelry and accessories business created by a mom, for moms and women alike, who appreciate the importance of self-care, women’s empowerment, and style.

 We provide the statement pieces you need to elevate your look to the next level. With our statement jewelry on display, step out bold and confident each time. PNR The Brand also understands that you want to stand out whenever you step out. To ensure that you feel unique in our pieces, our fashion find items are available in limited quantities. Be sure to grab your fashion favorites, as restock on all items is not guaranteed.
To all women:
Be bold, be confident, be you and be stunning while doing it!
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